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Dartanians vs East Prawle: Match Report

Match report, by Rich Chatfield;

Yesterday we entertained our good friends from East Prawle at the I must say a stunning Ashburton setting, ( on a couple of occasions I found my self thinking how lucky we really are to be able to turn up and play at this ground)

We lost the toss and were asked to bat, this was lucky as 🥊 was not quite out of the terminal so we only had 10 players.

Everyone was happy with the agreed fully inclusive format:

30 overs per side with 10 bowlers bowling 3 overs.

Batsmen to retire at 30 but could come back at the end with wides and no balls counting as 2 runs but no extra balls.

Inclusive cricket rules at their finest..👌

With a scoring box full of great support, a umpire ready to go, teas prepared, drinks prepared, the wicket set up and everyone warming up, again I took a second to remind myself of what a great bunch of people I get to play cricket with ( and all the hard work put in before a game but our much missed Captain) the pre match set up was greatly appreciated as always.

East Prawle had their usual mix of excellent and good cricketers.

An excellent start from Axle and Jeff got the scoreboard ticking over nicely.

Jeff was caught out in the 9 over after some great shots and a lot of running in tropical 🏝️ heat.

In came 🥩 who carried on where Jeff left off and kept the score board ticking up and played some great shots.

In the 15 over 🥩 was caught out and in came Westy, who started to find some big boundary’s including a huge six over to the car park of the school.

After arriving late and then joining the field the one and only Tobdan made him self known by taking a great catch from Axle in the 17 over, Axle had managed to survive 36 balls.

In came 🏕️ feeling very relaxed and ready to have a great innings.

🏕️ supported Westy who was hitting them all over the place playing some lovely 🏏 until Dale started bowling in the 20 over and 🏕️ caught a thin one and was caught behind by there captain and wicket keeper John.

Scotty stepped up to the crease.

Westy then retired after a very solid innings and in came Chivs.

Chivs left immediately after a very good ball from Dale found his stumps and in came Andy.

Andy defended a couple of balls but Tobdan started to ball and very quickly bowled a 🍑 to take his wicket.

In came AJ to face a warmed up Tobdan, after 3 hard to hit balls Tobdan hit the stumps again.

In came 🥊 .

In the 26 over Scotty was caught out by…… you guest it Tobdan.

In came Psycho who managed to face a couple of very difficult overs and then in the 29 he was bowled by………...Tobdan.

Back in came Westy.

🥊 had managed to hit a few balls from the other end and get a couple of runs until Tobdan struck again and hit the stumps.

Batting figures,

Axle 14 off 36 balls

Jeff 18 off 30 balls

🥩 14 off 27 balls

Westy 31 Not out of 27 balls

Dodge 1 off 7 balls

Scotty 24 off 20 balls

Chivs 0 off 1 balls

Andy 0 off 3 balls

AJ 0 off 4 balls

🥊 4 off 6 balls

Steve 1 off 12 balls

59 extras made our total

166 of 28.5 overs

We had the most amazing tea 🤩 , thanks everyone who brought things and Axle for setting it up.

Oh then we had to play cricket again, so after an inspiring team talk with 3 main points to remember??????? Off we went.

I’m not going in to huge detail because I need to go to work but some points about what I saw in the field, We had an amazing team spirit, lots of support for each other so meny boundaries stops I couldn’t count (Jeff), Some great foot work (Chivs), a unbelievable run out from a fine bit of fielding (Westy) a brilliant Dale wicket(Scotty), Stopping the ones(Steve,beef, and AJ) stopping the 2s and boundaries(Axel, Andy, Chives).

A exhilarating caught and bowled from Westy and of course some great keeping from 🏕️and AJ.

I thought our fielding was superb 👌 and loved being out on the field with you fine gentleman, and we took it down to the last over(Well done) for Tobdan to win the game with a boundary 😂.

The bowling figures below are a fairly good reflection of how people bowled and who they bowled against:

Scotty 3 overs 15 for 1

AJ 3 overs 8 for 0

🥩 3 overs 20 for 1

Westy 3 overs 4 for 3 🤩

Andy 3 overs 30 for 0

Chivs 3 over 14 for 0

Jeff 3 overs 29 for 1

Axle 3 overs 19 for 1

Steve 3 overs 8 for 0

🏕️ 2.3 overs 18 for 1

Rocky couldn’t bowl (Doctors orders)

Every player batted and 20 players bowled..😇

There were 337 runs scored and 8 catches, 20 boundaries hit including 4 six’s.

My huge thanks to the scoring team and umpires, Beef and Rocky for doing the bar with such expertise and to all of you that played in such a splendid match.

Well done all. If you can’t tell I didnt mind lossing when I had so much fun playing.

P.s you were missed deeply Skip and I hope all is getting better for you.

Peace out Dodge (🏕️)

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