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Ashburton Cricket Club Stats & Records

Thanks to Graham Pascoe and Dan Tidball, decades of old stats and records were collated and maintained up until 2011. Chris Yeo took on the mantle in 2014, going back and completing the 3 previous three years and then keeping them updated annually since then. If you spot an error please let Chris know!

We are particularly proud to hold the record for the highest First XI total in the history of the Devon Cricket League - 515-6 (pictured right). Lloyd White recorded the highest individual score in club history - 212.

As time has passed, the club committee has made changes to what statistics and records we keep. For example, we used to record club totals over 200, but in recent years totals have got higher as wickets have improved, so we now only record totals over 250.

The two main club spreadsheets can be downloaded below.

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