Membership Subscriptions & Match Fees – 2021 

Full Playing Membership: £80.00
(includes 1 free dinner ticket + 1 non-playing membership)

Student Membership (Full-time Education/Training): £30.00

Colts Membership: £30 
One off payment which includes any junior match and training fees
(an U18 player at the beginning of the season & includes family non-playing membership)

Non-playing Membership: £5.00

Vice President: £30.00


£5.00 per player for teas for all weekend matches (£3 for Colts & Students)
£1.00 per player for all mid-week games.



For those playing 4 games or less, a membership subscription of £5-per game will be charged. 


Online Banking Details:


Sort code 54-10-39

Account number 10560750

(NatWest Account)

Please add your name and the word "Membership" as the refference