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Club Statement - Recent Criminal Damage

Unfortunately, in the last week (15.08.17), Ashburton Cricket Club has been the victim of two unsuccessful break ins, and most recently one successful break in.

Bar stock has been stolen, smashed and wasted – equipment tampered with – ground machinery broken – main doors broken - windows smashed and sinks blocked whilst taps left running by the criminals to ensure the club was found flooded – meaning water damage to carpets and surrounding areas.

The club is now appealing to the wider community in a bid to be in a position to repair and replace the damaged goods and ground machinery.

This estimation of the damage is upwards of £2,000 as well as hours upon hours of volunteer time to ensure the club returns to its usual self.

Club volunteers and the community rallied together on Monday night to start the clean-up process and to remove any valuable goods in case of further disruption.

Furthermore, the security of the cricket club also needs to be enhanced and upgraded. We would like to be able to invest in some high-profile CCTV and surveillance equipment. In addition to this, sensors and alarms would ensure that the criminals that have caused this disruption would no doubt be deterred in the future.

The club also needs to pay for a replacement back-door, including an upgrade to all padlocks, door hinges/brackets and overall security.

Chairman Jerry Crouch expressed his disappointment – “As a club we're indebted to the hard work of a number of members and for them to see the pavilion and ground in this way is most disappointing and frustrating. The vandalism is completely needless and we are working closely with the police to ensure things like this don’t happen again. However, we will continue to rebuild and my thanks go out to those who are able to support the club in any way.”

A crowdfunding page has been set up on the below link - The club is extremely grateful for any generous donation.

The link should be active in the next 48 hours.

Your help is greatly appreciated to ensure Ashburton CC can continue to help support the local and wider community.

If you have any information please contact the police on 101 quoting CR068470/17 or contact Jerry Crouch on 07762 183 652

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