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ACC celebrate record-breaking season - Highlights from the presentation night.

A GREAT NIGHT was had by all at the Ashburton CC end of season dinner at the Dartmoor Lodge on Friday 6th October. More than 70 club players and family members were in attendance to celebrate our record-breaking season.

The First XI awards, presented by skipper Ashley Berry, went to Lloyd White (Batting and Players’ Player – 698 runs @ 49.86), Dom Durman (Bowling – 28 wickets at 11.71), Tristan Wakefield (All-rounder – 612 runs at 47.08 and 16 wickets at 21.06 ) and Martin Causey (Captain’s Cup).

The Second XI awards, presented by outgoing captain Chris Yeo, and then further presented by Marcus West; went to Kev Nicholls (Batting – 357 runs at 51 ), Jerry Crouch (Bowling – 21 wickets at 17.52), Marcus West (All-rounder – 9 wickets at 25.22), Tom Rush (Players’ Player) and Jack Churchill (Captain’s Cup).

The Sunday XI awards went to Niall Kemp (Performance of the Year (5-11 inc. 4 wickets in 1 over), Jake Bartram (All-Rounder), Oscar Gillies (Captain's Cup), Toby Cowdrey (Batsman), Tom Fursdon (Players Player) & Ashton West (Bowler).

The two club-wide wards – Most Improved player went to Jake Pascoe (666 runs across all formats at 22.20 and 17 wickets at 24.88)

The Clubman’s trophy (awarded by the Chairman) went jointly to Mel Harvey, Alison Churchill and Karen Broom in recognition of the huge amount of work they do behind the scenes for the club.

Club Chairman Jerry Crouch thanked everyone for their hard work and support off the pitch, congratulated our captains on their on-field successes and it’s fair to say everyone is already looking forward to next season already!

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