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Ashley Berry (Club Captain)

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Full Name: Ashley Berry

Nickname(s): Bezz/Bezzer

Teams Played For: Ashburton & World XI (Brian Lara Cricket, PlayStation ‘03)

Playing Role: life choice judge, jury and executioner

Batting Style: Red ink

Highest Score: Level 14.13 on bleep test

Bowling Style: Alan Mullally

Best Bowling Figures: 1-7 v Denbury

Chargers Debut: 2009. Never looked back

Favourite cricketer: Matt Prior...for his haircut

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old: A world class coin tosser

Which Hollywood actor would play you in a movie: Vin Diesel (same haircut and muscle density)

If I could be one person for a day I would be (and why): Joe Root, just so I wouldn’t have as much pressure when captaining a lesser team

Funniest player at the club: Good question - maybe Steve Hulse? Every time I look at the guy I laugh

Scariest player at the club: Chris Yeo when he’s mastering a quiz or Will Coon when I encourage him whilst he’s bowling

Short Bio: I love BBQ’s in the summer and losing a toss

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