Chris Yeo

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Full Name: Chris Yeo

Nickname(s): Yoyo

Teams Played For: ACC & Burridge (Hants)

Playing Role: None

Batting Style: MOOOOO

Highest Score: 35*

Bowling Style: Doesn’t matter – Bezz respects my life choices either way.

Best Bowling Figures: 4/10

Chargers Debut: 19/06/10

Favourite cricketer: Buzz Lacey

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old: Sponsorship Secretary and Quiz Master of a Devon C Division West outfit – nailed it.

Which Hollywood actor would play you in a movie: Rebel Wilson

If I could be one person for a day I would be (and why): A random Melbourne resident during a Boxing Day Ashes Test (would save the flight).

Funniest player at the club: Colesy

Scariest player at the club: Margs after an item of clothing goes missing.

Short Bio: Wasted 10 years of my life not playing cricket.

Spent next 24 years rectifying that, while occasionally producing offspring and quizzes.

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