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2017 Sponsorship Appeal launched

2016 was a hugely successful year for us on the pitch with our First XI securing promotion, but also off the pitch with four major projects being completed. Two of these – a much needed new mobile practice net and new sightscreens – were funded largely by 30 businesses who generously sponsored us more than £2,000. To keep taking the club forward and retaining our record levels of youngsters we are aiming to raise a similar amount for 2017.

We don't expect businesses to sponsor us for nothing - we offer a range of advertising which starts at £25 for each season and all members endeavour to personally support our sponsors whenever possible. Click here to go to our sponsorship page.

15 businesses have already signed up to sponsor us in 2017. Howard Douglas (pictured above), kindly kicked off our sponsorship, handing a cheque over to Club Secretary and Second XI Captain Chris Yeo.

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